Review : Desire Dolce & Gabbana The One

Morning korang. Hehe..sebenarnye review kali ni about insta shop. Tapi aku pun dapat gift dari insta shop ni, so aku review la sekali pasal minyak wangi ni ye. Hanya buat review pendek je coz agak susah nak search more info bila line internet lembap macam siput ni. Hee..
Ok, actually insta shop ni menjual Original Perfume (rejected) direct from France. Wow! Memang kalau korang beli, dapat barang terus dari supplier. Even take time, but tak lama pun aku tunggu. Pejam celik je dah sampai. Bila dah sampai parcel tu yang aku happy giler tu. And thankyou very much to @original_perfume_reject_rm120 for that gift.
So, let's start ye. Info dari D&G yang aku jumpa.
Desire is not to be put on show; it is to be kept hidden like a precious jewel, until the moment its splendor shines. It’s the moment that has the power to change everything. Dolce&Gabbana The One Desire evokes a mysterious world of light and shadows, of temptation and seduction. An intimate, personal sphere in which each woman decides on whom to lay her gaze, a place where the line between instinct and desire is faded and blurred.
Matte gold and black characterize Desire’s flacon and packaging. A sophisticated reinterpretation of the classic shape of the bottle for Dolce&Gabbana The One collection, the flacon is inscribed with Stefano Gabbana’s elegant handwriting of Desire in gold lettering. The opaque gold hue draws on the opulence of Sicily’s Baroque period, the birthplace of Domenico Dolce. A black gemstone reflecting light from its many facets creates a precious cap.
Fresh top notes of mandarin, lychee and bergamot play softly against the sweet innocence of lily of the valley.
At the core of an intense heart is a trio of ultra feminine florals. The elegance of Madonna lily and the heady opulence of Indian tuberose are blended with velvety jasmine and addictively sweet plum nectar.
Adding an indulgent richness to the base is a gourmand note of vanilla infused caramel, melded with warming sandalwood, and a touch of mysterious musk and Cistus Labdanum.
Kesipulanya, minyak wangi Desire ni memang best gila. Tahan lama tau, melekat kat baju walaupun dah basuh. Mungkin aku spray banyak sangat kot. Haha.. Apepun aku puas hati tau, seronok pakai.
If korang pun mencari minyak wangi yang sangat sangat best ni boleh la beli di @original_perfume_reject_rm120. Macam macam jenis minyak wangi ada. Inshaa Allah puas hati, tapi kalau korang tiada instagram, facebook and whatsapp pun boleh. Boleh cari Miss Najuwa di
Instagram : @original_perfume_reject_rm120
Facebook : Najuwa Zahid
WhatsApp : 016 3088355


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